At Mchukwi,  is where dreams become realities, Mchukwi institute of health and allied sciences  is situated in Kibiti district, Coast region. It is owned by the Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania (FPCT) and has been guaranteed a provisional registration by the National Council of Technical Education since June 2014. Later in November was permitted to conduct training by the Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council. It is currently focusing on the provision of nursing programme but will increase its scope depending on the needs.  The school is registered to enrol 50, students per enrolment.

The purpose of establishing this school is to increase the number of health care cadres to meet the needy demand in the country, hence improving health services in the country.

Mchukwi institute of health and allied sciences envisions contributing to the training and production of human resources for health by training health professionals starting in the field of nursing and other health related fields will be established as needs may arise.

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The Institute is well equipped with leaning facilities  such as  Library, Computer Lab, Classes and Good Environment for students Learning

The Institute is Centered to become a Centre of excellence in producing qualified, competent and God fearing health professionals who will provide quality health care in the country.

In achieving its mission the institution is guided by core values High quality, Efficiency, Conducive and welcoming environment

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Maintaining Academic Excellent,
Excellent Teacher, Environment Friendly, High quality, Efficiency , Conducive and welcoming environment, FACILITIES Computer lab, Playing Ground, Student Counseling, Classrooms, Library, Skills lab, Life Skills education and Field trips


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